Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Annals of Intensive Care | Open access

Writing my blog after a long time...

Friends, while doing some research I realized that "Annals of Intensive Care" is open access for Medical Grads.

Journal carries a lot of information on Intensive care, critical care providers must read this on regular basis, has inputs on Pediatric & geriatric medicine as well . The editorial board is doing a great job and with scientist and doctors coming from various part of the world offers great value.

Access this title by clicking on the "here"

Happy reading.

Impact factor: 3.656 as published on website.


Sunday, August 23, 2015

MyResearchJournals a new Indian Journals Website

Dear All,

It has been a while since I haven't posted much on my blog, after a long time got some opportunity to read few interesting happenings in the research world.

Today I am writing about a new journals Website called MyResearchJournals, being Indian journals we can find some new papers in the following fields:

Agriculture, Animal Science, Business Management, Library Science, Medical Science, Science & Technology, Social Science.

Do take the advantage, remembers the titles are not free.



Thursday, June 19, 2014

Plagiarism in Publishing & Solutions

Plagiarism is easy these days, due to constant flow of information across the web, the information velocity is so high that it would be practically impossible to analyse it without software and tools. Google handles more than 35 lacs queries per minute; we are forced to imaging how big information tsunami is. Under such free flow of information, copy / paste has become a common phenomenon. 

Today teenagers don’t see plagiarism as a serious issue, however more than 80% believe that this has increased due to wide spread internet access.

We as Indians have always believed in original thinking; however the seriousness of the same is up to every individual while he or she creates any content.

We need to inculcate reading habit in younger generation where they read, understand and implement, however when correct understand is then upload to their brain, if we can make this happen I believe we shall create a very knowledgeable future generation, cut and paste can help students get through with exams but may block their overall growth.

I strongly believe that institutes and libraries should use Plagiarism tools and ensure that content generated is original and students understand the value of originality.

 Do visit which offers plagiarism solution, there are few websites which too offer similar solutions: or they offer API for your application. Do check with respective owners of the resources, these might be paid services.