Friday, April 6, 2012

PLoS (Public Library of Science) Open Access

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Moving forward I wish to write about PLoS today.  
PLoS stands for – Public Library of Science a non-profit organisation, they carry a mission of leading a transformation in Science and medical research communication.
Those who believe in information would find OA initiative a very useful method. PLoS has been successful in getting this right.
Their business model best suites many institutes, Bose Institutes Kolkatta, is member of PLoS. If you wish to know more about their model you can visit and get the desired details.
Coming towards the content covered:
They have following journals:
1.       PLoS One
2.       PLoS Biology
3.       PLoS Medicine
5.       PLoS Genetics
6.       PLoS Pathogens
8.       PLoS Hubs Biodiversity
Click on the link above and you will land on articles page.

With a belief that you would benefit from these journals, I shall be back with another useful OA resources.
Till then keep reading…….

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